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It is hard to believe that 2021 is already behind us – the year went by fast! Between the post-pandemic recovery and the release of the vaccines, many are finally able to get back to their daily routine. If you missed the opportunity to hire a commercial holiday lighting installation company this year, now is an excellent time to reflect on things you may have missed out on because you didn’t. That way, when it comes time to hire someone next year, you will remember to make it a priority!

Social Media Presence

One of the best ways to enhance your social media presence is by building brand familiarity and recognition. If you didn’t hire a commercial holiday lighting company, then you likely didn’t have a fantastic display to post to your sites. Had you hired a company and lit things up, then you would have been able to show the community how much you care about being festive and taking the extra step to make things pretty for everyone. A photo opportunity should never be wasted, so don’t waste it next year!

Drawing People In

When it comes to holiday cheer and festivities, people want to be surrounded by pretty lights and displays. Customers are more likely to come into your store if you have it lit up for the holiday season. People are attracted to pretty and elegant things. Next year, remember how important it is to show a festive face to the world, and don’t forget to hire a commercial holiday lighting company!

Employee Motivation

No one wants to work over the holidays, but if you are a company that stays open late or has extended hours, the least you can do for your employees is make it cheerful to come to work. By decorating next year, you will be fostering productivity and goodwill that will not only last throughout the holiday; it will be the catalyst for your company culture all year long.

Opening Christmas Season Ceremony

The best part about having Christmas lights is the initial reveal. If you had hired someone to decorate, you could have had a reveal party when you lit things up! Next year, have a ceremony to kick the season off right that starts with making your commercial building sparkle with lights and decorations. That will surely be enough to draw people in!

As we say a fond farewell to 2021 and welcome in the New Year, now is an excellent time to reflect on all the things that we should do differently in the coming year. If you didn’t hire a commercial holiday lighting installation company this year, don’t forget the benefits you didn’t reap by keeping this checklist. It is never too early to plan ahead, and at Above & Beyond Holiday Lighting company, we love to work with our customers all year long! Contact us to make your appointment today!