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As the cooler air comes to the Michiana area, it reminds us all that the holidays are right around the corner. Although it might seem like season-jumping, hiring a holiday light installer now is a perfect way to guarantee you will get the best before they are booked. But don’t just Google “holiday lights installation near me” and choose the first one. These are just five reasons to hire Above and Beyond to make your holiday season bright!

1. Innovative Design and Upgrades

The world of holiday lighting is a very specialized industry. Every year, the lights continue to be upgraded and revamped to provide the most spectacular lighting for the new season ahead. While other companies might continue to reuse lights that are in working order year after year, we believe that if our customers are going to invest in us for the most amazing display, we owe it to them to invest in the most innovative and awesome new upgrades of the year. When you hire us, you’ll know you always have the very best in lighting!

2. Convenience

The reason you hire a company to install your holiday lights is so you don’t have to do it yourself. So the key factor that you want when hiring someone is knowing they’ll go the extra mile to make things as convenient and easy as possible. Once you put us to work, you can move along and work on whatever you have to get done. We don’t need any hand-holding – we got this!

3. Cost

Although the price of your holiday lighting display is a factor, it shouldn’t be the entire reason you choose a company. We aren’t the cheapest in the industry, but that isn’t really what we are trying to be. Our mission is to provide the best in holiday lighting at competitive rates. When you go cheap, you typically get what you pay for. With us, you pay for the best – but you don’t have to pay the most!

4. Meeting Our Promises

Christmas lighting only comes once a year, so you want to make it last! When we schedule your install, that is a promise we keep. We won’t keep you waiting around or provide excuses. Our promise to you is the highest quality at competitive rates, and that we will be where we say we will when we say we will – no ifs, ands, or buts.

5. Licensed and Insured

Holiday lighting installation does come with inherent risks, like getting up on ladders and reaching high places. That is why it is always a good idea to skip the DIY route and hire a professional. It doesn’t make much sense to pay someone who doesn’t have insurance and isn’t licensed. If something happens while they are working at your home and they aren’t insured, guess who suffers? The homeowner. Part of our commitment to you is that you can rest assured knowing that we have protected not just our workers, but you as the homeowner.

Don’t just Google “holiday lights installation near me” and choose the first one that pops up. Go the extra mile to hire Above and Beyond. We provide the very best in holiday cheer and always deliver on time and, when possible, within budget. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!