What Does a Christmas Lighting Installation Cost?

The simple answer is that “it depends”.

The reason that we provide each client with a custom estimate is that each of our holiday lighting installation displays is just that, custom. Our free estimate helps us to figure out not only what you desire, but also what it will cost.

The cost depends on calculating many different things, like which lights you choose, how many, and the time that it will require for the installation.

Typically, our fees range from as little as $500 to as much as thousands for larger homes and commercial property designs. Once you contact us, we send out one of our holiday lighting installation experts to help you with your design. They will go over precisely what is involved in doing your Christmas lighting project.

After we discuss what you would like, Above & Beyond Holiday Lighting will provide you with an estimate, in writing, that has all the specifics included. You never need to worry about any hidden fees or additional expenses.

After our consultation, your lighting project will be presented to you using our sophisticated software design program so that you can see what the final project will look like before you choose to commit. That way, we ensure that you know exactly what your winter wonderland design will look like in real life.

Does the service include taking the lights down?

Of course!

Once the holidays are over, our team of professionals will remove the lights as quickly as they put them up! That way, you can start your new year hassle-free! If you have a specific timeline for removal, please let your designer know so we can accommodate.

Do we Guarantee Our Work?

Yes, 100%.

Our customers are our number one priority. So if you have any questions or concerns, we want to hear them and are here to help. Our holiday lighting installation doesn’t stop when the design is up. We make sure that everything is running smoothly throughout the entire holiday season.

Since Indiana winter months can be punishing with sleet, snow, rain, and wind, we make sure things stay put. No weather conditions are too much for the experts of Above & Beyond Holiday Lighting!

We are always available to troubleshoot any problems you might have and to fix them immediately. That is why we have an established reputation in the community and are more than happy to provide references upon request.


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