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Although it isn’t time to consider Christmas in July, it is a perfect time to think about Christmas for the season ahead! Most of us skipped the holiday lighting last year due to social isolation and lack of funds. But as the nation continues down the road to recovery, it is an excellent time to get a jump on your holiday plans. Across the nation, people are flocking to get things back to normal, and Christmas celebrations will be no different. Make sure that you have a much merrier Christmas this year by hiring a holiday lighting company now. Do more than just Google “holiday light installation near me” to get the most cheer possible. Look for these qualities!

Upgraded Commercial Lights

Last year brought on very lean times for many small and large businesses alike. Not all holiday lighting companies could upgrade, choosing instead to use older commercial lighting for one more year. With the recovery in full swing, find a company that has invested in itself to get the most from your holiday light investment this season. The quality of the lights is as important as the newness of them, so ask the right questions about what types of lighting are used by the company you hire.

Contracts Ahead of Time

There is nothing worse than scrambling when there is very little time left. Make sure that you get the best of the best, and lock it in well before the holiday months rush in. A reputable company that knows they are around for the long-term will be happy to write up a contract now and get you on the schedule. It shouldn’t matter if you are nine months ahead or nine days – find a company that will give you the security of knowing you are set now so that you can sit back and relax when it’s time to enjoy the season.


Sure, you don’t have a limitless budget to spend. But typically you get what you pay for, and this is also true when it comes to holiday lighting. If a company is substantially cheaper than others, that is usually a red flag. Although you don’t have to hire the most expensive company, and high prices aren’t always a good sign of quality, beware of something that seems too good to be true – it usually is!

Attention to Detail and Responsiveness

Find a holiday lighting company that cares about creating your unique vision, not just coming and hanging lights. The fun of hanging Christmas lights is getting people in the mood, and everyone has a different idea about how to deck the halls. Make sure that you hire someone who takes the time to discuss your wants and needs ahead of time instead of just offering a one-size-fits-all standard and boring display. You will enjoy your holiday spirit more when you have it done your way.

The last thing on many people’s minds as we head into the summer months is what they are going to do about holiday lighting next season. But due to the circumstances of last year’s season, things might be a bit different in the decorating world and the options you have may be limited. Don’t just Google “holiday light installation near me” – go the extra mile to find a company that goes “Above and Beyond” for the best post-pandemic holiday season ever.