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The holidays are quickly approaching. And if you are dreading pulling out all the tangled up Christmas lights in the basement, replacing the ones that don’t work, and hopping on a ladder in the cold weather, the good news is you don’t have to. This year, don't forego the holiday lights, hire a professional Christmas light installer. That way, you can skip the hassle, while still reaping all the holiday spirit that Christmas lights provide! Nothing can get you in the holiday spirit more than lighting things up, but don’t let having to do it yourself kill the mood altogether! If you are going to hire a professional Christmas light installer, make sure to abide by these five tips to get the best company to make your seasons bright.
professional Christmas light installer

1. Don’t be a Cheapskate

The adage, “you get what you pay for” is not just an old wife's tale; it is the truth. If you get an estimate that is significantly less than the other ones, there is a reason why! What happens when you buy cheap lights? They are a hassle, they burn out, and they just end up costing you a whole lot in time and frustration. Hiring a cheap professional Christmas light installer is no different. The cost you will save, you will end up paying for in a cheap and unexciting design. Unfortunately, anyone with an extension ladder can claim that they are a professional, but it takes a whole lot of experience, training, and creativity to actually be one. Find a company that will sit down and create the winter wonderland of your dreams, not just someone who might, or might not, know how to climb a ladder and use tacks!

2. Trust but Verify Their Insurance

One of the biggest reasons to hire a professional Christmas light installer is that getting up on a ladder to put up lights is dangerous. But even those who are experts can slip and fall. It’s not just about personal injury, there is always the potential that something could unwittingly happen to your property. You want to ensure that whoever is installing the lights around your house has the proper insurance coverage to pay for any injury or damage. Before you hire anyone, trust that they have the right insurance, but also verify. A professional lighting company should not be offended if you ask for proof. After all, if they don’t, the cost will befall you. Better to make sure than to leave yourself vulnerable!

3. Check Out Their Light Sources!

Not all Christmas lights are the same quality; even you have found that to be true! If you are going to hire a professional company, ensure the quality of the lights that they intend to use! A Christmas lighting company shouldn’t be buying their lights at the same retail shop you are! They should be supplying you with professional-grade holiday lighting! While asking for insurance, bring up the question of where they purchase their lights. You want your house or business to shine, and you are paying for a cut above DIY. Make sure that you are getting the quality you desire, not just the same lighting you could do yourself.

4. Don’t Pay the Entire Balance Upfront

A wise tip when using any service provider or home installer is never to pay the entire bill upfront. If you have a company that is asking that you pay in full before a single light has been hung, that is a red flag! It is common for them to want a downpayment as a commitment that you are going to follow through, but they shouldn’t be asking for the entire amount. If you should have a problem with the install or any part of the process, by paying upfront, you lose control. Without holding back some money, you have no insurance that the job will be done right and to your satisfaction. Once they have the money in hand, you have lost any recourse if things aren’t to your liking.

5. Ask for References

Reading Google reviews is an excellent way to know what type of reputation a lighting company has. But there is still no substitute for a good old-fashioned reference! Try to contact previous customers to see what they think about the job that was done. Or, better yet, go see first hand the quality of the work done by driving by. If a service can’t provide you with a previous client, they either have very little experience, or very little positive feedback. Neither of those things spell professional!

This holiday give yourself a gift and let someone else make things around your home merry and bright. The professional Christmas lighting installers of AB Holiday Lighting will work closely with you to provide the most spectacular holiday display. We also offer the highest quality lighting materials and a promise of safety. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your holidays bright!

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