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Looking at the Christmas Lights you Have to Remove With Dread? Make a Mental Note for Next Year!

Ah, the holidays are filled with so much cheer and anticipation. Although you might not have disliked putting up Christmas lights, once the gifts are unwrapped and the Christmas tree dismantled, you probably are looking at taking them down with dread. Now is an excellent time to take stock. Next year, when you think that putting up the lights yourself is no big deal, think of how you feel right now. And also about how much easier and more economical it would have been to have a professional Christmas light installation company do it!

Things to Remember Next Year so you Don’t Make the Same Mistake!

Christmas Lights Aren’t Cheap

You might have thought that it was more economical to buy Christmas lights and install them yourself. Now, as you are removing them in the cold, consider how much you spent. And also, how much of them you can salvage for next year. A Christmas light installation company pays for the professional lights so you don’t have to. And, if you hired a company, you also wouldn’t be worrying about breaking them while removing them. It is bad enough that you have to remove them, but to save your investment, you have to do it correctly, or it was all for naught.

Not Only Will a Professional Holiday Lighting Company Install Your Lights, But They Take Them Down Too!

The holidays are a great time to celebrate, but they also tend to put you behind schedule. Once the holidays are over, you have so much to get back to and make up for. If you had a professional Christmas light installer put up your Christmas lights, you would have had more time to plan your holidays. And you also wouldn’t be further behind because you have to take them down! If someone else had installed them, you would be on to bigger and better things this New Year without the hassle of removing them.

It is Easy to do Damage Without Even Knowing it

Installing Christmas lights seems pretty easy. But if you don’t put them up the right way, you run the risk of damaging your exterior siding, fascia and soffit boards, and your gutters. The clips and other hangers that you can purchase at any do-it-yourself center risk harming your exterior surfaces. While pulling down your Christmas lights, you run the risk of costing yourself more in repairs than if you had just had a professional install the lights, to begin with. It is much more cost-efficient to ensure that if something goes wrong and you need a costly repair, it isn’t on you.

And, Speaking of Keeping Things Safe

After Christmas, the weather can really turn cold! When snow and ice fall, it makes taking Christmas lights down not just time consuming, but also dangerous. When you hire a company to install and take them down, they have both the training and the right kind of insurance to make sure that nothing happens. Why risk falling from an icy or slippery ladder when you don’t have to?

There is a saying that those who don’t remember the past are destined to repeat it. If you didn’t hire a professional Christmas light installation company this year, remember this moment right now as you are struggling to find both the time and motivation to remove the lights that you also had to put up.

Hire the Holiday Lighting Installation Pros!

Next year, give yourself the best gift of the holidays and do it right by letting someone else do the heavy lifting. The staff at Above and Beyond Lighting wishes you the very best of 2020, filled with happiness and health. And we hope to get a call from you next year to take one thing off of your holiday list!

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