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As we head into August, most Michiana residents have their thoughts wrapped around school starting up again and the hot summer days. Likely, the last thing that most of you are thinking about is the upcoming holiday season. The holidays are something that we can all look forward to, why wait for the cold weather to come around to start planning? If you start now, you can get your house light-ready before the cold rushes in. These are some ways to prepare ahead of time according to holiday lighting Michiana professionals.

Holiday Lighting Michiana Checklist

Most of us wait until it is cold and miserable out to put up Christmas lights, but there is a lot of prep work you can do while it is still nice outside to make life easier.

Trim Bushes and Trees

Cleaning and shaping your landscaping is important for curbside appeal; it also makes it easier to hang lights for the holidays. Try to trim any branches or bushes that will snag the lights and make it more difficult to hang them when it is brutally cold outside.

Clean Up

Make sure to clean up yard debris now for hanging holiday lights. Pressure washing is an excellent way to get rid of dirt, mold, and algae from sidewalks and entryways to reduce the risk of a slip and fall injury. That will keep holiday light installers safe while putting up your holiday lights.

Clean Window for a Better View

Nothing looks better and more heartwarming than viewing Christmas decorations from outside windows. Clean exterior windows now so that the holiday's lights will shine brightly. Take out the exterior screens and clean them to make it easier to see inside. If you have windows up high, you might want to consider hiring a professional company to get to those hard to reach places.

Test Your Lights

Ever go through all of the effort to hang lights only to find, after you turn them on, that a strand isn’t working? Before you go through the hurdle of hanging, test your lights out to ensure that they will work another season. If you have any strands that don’t work, throw them out now! Also, take the time to replace bulb lights. Sometimes finding the replacements can be difficult or time-consuming, but not if you plan ahead.

Design a Plan Now With a Holiday Lighting Michiana Company

Most of the fun of hanging holiday lights is in the design. Get creative this year and create a winter wonderland. If you aren’t sure how to do that, the professionals of Above and Beyond holiday lighting have you covered. We work closely with our customers to build their vision. But the best way to get it right is to take the time to start now and design it from start to finish.

The weather outside isn’t frightful just yet, but it will be. Why wait for the cold and miserable weather to plan your holiday lights when you can start to prepare now. That way, when the holidays do come around you will be ready to go and can spend more time enjoying than slaving.

At Above and Beyond holiday lighting, we are always available to help you create the holiday scenery that will spread cheer for the season to come. Contact us today to begin the process – it is never too early.

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